His Honour Judge David Marshall Evans, Q.C., M.A., LL.M., J.D. '61, Designated Civil Judge, Liverpool Group of Courts

"During four years at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, I acquired two law degrees
and made two of the best decisions of my life: I became engaged to be
married and I applied to the UC Law School to attend on a scholarship
programme then funded by the Ford Foundation. Those decisions have now
stood the test of time for over forty years which have seen many changes.
In 1960 I travelled by scheduled transatlantic liner from my home city and
port of Liverpool to Montreal and then by train to Chicago. The culture
shock was considerable - even though I spoke roughly the same language.
For the first time I learned what work was, the way of life was very
different, and then the winter came!

There was a large element of lucky chance about that second decision. I
knew nothing of the real eminence and qualities of the Law School, but in
the event it definitely made me a much better lawyer. I learnt to test
every proposition from first principles, and to think the unthinkable
allternative. I suspect these are characteristics of all our Law School
graduates, and that they can make us uncomfortable colleagues for other
lawyers. There was great teaching, and Soia Mentshikoff had one of the two
most penetrating legal minds I have encountered. But the great advantage
of the program (by now I could write and speak American) was that it was
within the standard JD curriculum with the US students, and not some
graduate program for foreigners. Despite having to tramp the snow on the
Midway from International House for 8.30 classes I wouldn't have missed it
for the world."

I trust I have spelt Soia's surname correctly from memory - obviously you
will correct it if I've got it wrong. I need hardly point out that the
divergent spellings 'programme/program are deliberate !

Take care and remember me to all at the Law School. I have made no mention
of when I was a member of the faculty, because I assumed it was student
days in which you were primarily interested... but like any lawyer I could
always expand on my brevity.

*David* *Marshall* *Evans*
*Designated* *Civil* *Judge,* *Liverpool* *Group*