Jill and Fred's Centennial Adventure


As our show opens, Dean Levmore discovers that the charter to the Law School requires that every 100 years, the Law School must consider a merger with Florida Coastal School of Law. Knowing the Faculty will never go for it, but knowing he must, the Dean asks Dean Ellen Cosgrove to find two students to make a presentation against the move. Unknown to Dean Levmore, however, Dean Cosgrove would like nothing more than to move the school to sunny Florida. Evil Dean Cosgrove conspires with a student, Evil Andy Baak, to find two students who hate each other to do the presentation – Jill, who is waiting for her acceptance to come in from another school, and Fred, a malaprop-plagued frat boy type. Just as it looks that these two will never get along, Judge Posner appears fro the future and tells Jill and Fred that the Law School must stay in Chicago, and they must convince the faculty. He gives them use of his time machine (which looks a lot like the Law School ATM) and they go back in time to find figures from the Law School's history (and other odd historical figures) to explain to the current faculty why the Law School must stay put. With the help of Professor Currie, who resists Evil Ellen Cosgrove's threats, and countless others, Jill and Fred just might stand a chance….

All That Jazz

Law Resistance

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