Jill and Fred's Centennial Adventure (All that Jazz)


All that Jazz
(to "All That Jazz" from Chicago)

In Jill and Fred's visit to the 1920s, they come upon Dean Harry Bigelow living it up in the Green Lounge. Apparently, in this version of history, prohibition never quite made it to the Law School. Wine Mess seems to happen every day by way of illegal stills, and Harry Bigelow leads the charge to drunkenness….and to singing this number.

Harry Bigelow
Come on kids, to the Green Lounge Bar,
And all that jazz!
I'm gonna drink cheap gin and make my points go far
And all that jazz!
Prohibition, they control the sauce
But at Chicago Law, we get good and tossed
It's just a noisy blow with Harry Bigelow
And all that jazz!

Gina May
Join my club and help me man the phones
And all that jazz!
Hey government, leave our drinks alone
And all that jazz!
Hold on hon, we're gonna change the rules
And reclaim our booze from those Congress fools
We're getting law degrees. It should be a breeze
To do that jazz!

Oh, we're gonna dance atop the plastic cow
And all that jazz!
Oh, grab a drink and then we'll show you how
And all that jazz!
If we're caught we'll be disbarrd
If we're not we won't be marred
Hey Harry B., you are our key
To all that jazz!

Find a flask, we're morally bankrupt
And all that jazz!

Right down here is where I store my cup,
And all that jazz!

Come on babe, you're looking good to me,
I've never had a guy with several PhDs

U of C undergrad
I need those copper stills to give me social skills
For all that jazz!


Harry Bigelow
Oh my liver's shot
But we still drink a lot
And all that jazz!
That jazz!

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