Jill and Fred's Centennial Adventure (Law Resistance)


Law Resistance
(to the tune of La Resistance from South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut,
in turn based on the Act I finale of Les Miserables)

The finale to Act I, as all good Act I finales should, sums up the action thus far.

God has smiles upon us this day.
The fate of a law school in our hands.
And blessed be the students, we who fight with all our dignity
So in Hyde Park this Law School ands

The faculty may vote no. But then they may vote yes.
They may grade our speech well. They may call it a mess.
But that's beside the point. Since even if we fail.
You could still be admitted to Yale.

Jill & Fred
Listen Historical Folk. We need you on our side.
We're going to the future. There'll be no water slide.
Be we must stop our school from being moved to Florida.
And then we'll bring you back to the past.

Evil Cosgrove and Evil Baak
To Florida! To Florida!
Oh we can hardly wait til we move to the Sunshine State!

Tomorrow's vote will change our life
Tomorrow's vote will end our strife
Law School in Florida!
After the vote we'll take a boat!

I love this Law School so!
The kids who sit in every row!
And I will fight to keep it here!
They cannot change my mind with fear!

Teddy Roosevelt and Kaiser Wilhelm
What are we doing here, Kaiser Wilhelm?
I'm not exactly sure, President Roosevelt.
Both of us have been leaders in war.
What do Jill and Fred need us for?

Historical Figures
Jill and Fred picked us for this quest.
We'll show them we can pass the test.
We'll be the one who save the U of C!

I've got to stop Cosgrove!

Evil Cosgrove and Evil Baak
When this school is moved from Hyde Park
We'll ditch the cow and get a shark!

The future may be dark. It may be full of pain.
And we'll be in Hyde Park, so it will snow and rain.
But we must stop this school from being moved to Florida,
And bring this show to a merciful end.

God help you Jill and Fred!

To Florida! To Florida! To Florida!

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