A Corpus Line (Taco Bell Canon)


At the close of Act I, some students are despondent about their job prospects and begin contemplating other career options. They sing "The Taco Bell Canon" to the tune of "Pachelbel's Canon." (Imagine each voice part singing one of the canon sections.)

The Taco Bell Canon

I have no job
I have no job
I have no job
Let's work at Taco Bell!

I have no job
I have no life
I am so tired
I'm sick of interviews

My mom was right
I should be at medical school
This is a waste of time
Why is my life so cruel

I have no job
Let's work at Taco Bell….

Three years ago when I applied
A job was not so hard to find
But now the market's shot to hell
And we must go to Taco Bell
Cause that's the place where I'm at peace
With the burritos and the grease
My friends and I will gather round
Because a job cannot be found
We bitch and moan we think we're cool
We cannot wait to leave this school
My job search is not going well
Perhaps I'll work at Taco Bell

Sonnenschein, Mayer Brown, Skadden Arps and A&P and K&E, Covington, Debevoise and White & Case and Ropes & Gray, Strook & Strook, Sullivan and Gibson Dunn and Fish & Neave, Schopf & Weiss, Seyfarth Shaw and Pope & Joh-oh-oh-oh-ohn…

Marshall Field's, Bloomingdale's, Benneton and Mickey D's, Dairy Queen, Burger King and KFC and Pizza Hut, Harold's Shack, Ribs & Bibs and Dominos, Taco Bell, Taco Bell, Taco Bell and Taco Bell and Taco Bell!

(Repeat all three together.)

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