Damn Lawyers (Do You Hear the 3Ls Sing?)


After Joe both graduates and gets his soul back, he gives the graduation address to the class. The grand finale of the Musical is then performed to the stirring melody of Les Miserables's "Do You Hear the People Sing?"

Do You Hear the 3Ls Sing?

Do you hear the 3Ls sing, singing the song of wealthy men?
They have thrown away their textbooks and will never work again.
When their paycheck is as big as the down payment on a house,
They will be glad they didn't bail out like Susan Krause.

Will you sell out to DC and work for Williams Connolly?
Working eighty-hour-weeks, reading until you cannot see.
But man will they pay to betray your own naivete!

Can you hear the 3Ls sing, we're going to be judicial clerks.
We're going to make the judges coffee write opinions for those jerks.
When we've finished up our year, beating up other clerks from Yale,
There's an enourmous clerkship bonus for our travial.

We have worked our asses off three cold and lonely, painful years.
We have finished thirty casebooks; we have drunk 3000 beers
We've lowered our standards and some of us dated our peers!

Do you hear the 3Ls sing, singing the songs of lawyer's dreams?
We will be crushing kids from Harvard, Yale and Stanford by the reams.
We will beat them in New York, and we will beat them in LA
Because our skill beat their credentials any day.

(Written by J Clegg Ivey '97, Roger Schwartz '96 and Edward Walters '96.)

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