Grief! (Law and Econ)


One of Sandy's first confounding experiences at the Law School is her first class to use law and economics. Her old school never taught any such thing. The students try to assist her transition (with less-than-helpful explanations) to the tune of "Love and Marriage":

Law and Econ

Law and econ, law and econ
It's a theory that we all rely on
Can't get enough of Epstein
Explaining poor old Vosberg's gangrene

Sex and reason, sex and reason
Contradiction would be highest treason
We don't care for justice
Just find efficiency – trust us!

Don’t you try to separate them
It's mass confusion
Just solve information failure to….
Reach the conclusion

Posner, Landes, Posner, Landes
They're important as Learned Hand is
Take this tip worth knowing
Don't be anti-Carroll Towing!

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