Grief! (Edmund Burke Dropout)


At the opening of Act II, Sandy and Danny are on the outs, and the Law School is in turmoil over the relationship (don't you just love the simplicity of musical theater?). One character, Frenchie, has other problems. She's been attending the debates of the Edmund Burke Society, and can't quite figure out if staying with the debating society is right for her. As her friends leave for the Tiki, she sits on the edge of the stage to ponder her fate. Her guardian angel (accompanied by four angel-ettes in conservative navy suits holding martini glasses) appears to sing to her. The angel was played by Professor David Currie, in a classic faculty cameo.

Edmund Burke Dropout

Your story's sad to tell,
A law school ne'er-do-well
Most mixed up Edmund Burkie in the school
Your future's so unclear now,
What's left of your career now?
Can't even see you're dressed up like a fool…

(Angel-ettes): Ya ya ya ya ya ya….

Edmund Burke Dropout
No sartorial dress for you
Edmund Burke Dropout
You've got the wind, but not the jive

If you go for moderation, you could join the middle class
Turn in your phony accent and lose your highball glass

Edmund Burke Dropout
Hanging around before debates
Edmund Burke Dropout
All the free drinks aren't worth this fate

Well they couldn't teach you anything
Because you're so contentious
And no one will ever hire you
Because you're too pretentious!

Baby don't sweat it
It will be hard to find a job
Better forget it
Who wants their case done by a snob?

Now your views are right, you're too uptight and all your friends are cruel
Why don't you get a grip and try to learn to be cool

Edmund Burke Dropout
Go back to law school…..

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