Lawyers in Love
(I Can't Believe I'm Going To Law School Sheet Music)


The Law School's first musical began with the immortal words, "Hello Stacy? It's Tracy."

The early musicals featured all original music and lyrics. Lawyers in Love (1984) followed the adventures of a group of mismatched (but ultimately paired) first years: Tracy Sterling, the social climber and Sherman Frankfurter, the boy right off the farm; Bunny (but her friends call her Kitty) and good ol' boy Stag, and Stephan Planaria ("like the worm, no relation") and the female mugger who gets him his first (and every) day. Songs Include, "I can't believe I'm going to Law School"; "A Reasonable Man"; "Lawyers in Love"; "Carmen Miranda Rites"; Sandra and the Supremes Medley; and "People are Starving in China (but I feel great. . .)"

I Can't Believe I'm Going to Law School

Reasonable Man

Carmen Miranda Rites

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