Law School Musicals

Click on the name for plot summaries, tidbits about and excerpts from the musicals, where available. If you have scripts, lyrics, or other information to share about any Law School Musicals, please contact Marsha Ferziger Nagorsky.

  1984 Lawyers in Love 1994 Grief!
  1985 Return of the JD 1995 Damn Lawyers
  1986 Oediface Lex 1996 South Side Story
  1987 Katz 1997 Charlie and the Law Factory
  1988 Will of Fortune 1998 Bigelow Nights
  1989 All’s Hell that Ends Mel 1999 Raiding Places
  1990 Dangerous Litigations 2000 Law School Impossible
  1991 The Seven Advocates 2001 Romie and Julio
  1992 Wizard of Laws 2002 A Law School Carrell
  1993 A Corpus Line 2003 Jill and Fred's Centennial Adventure