Damn Lawyers (U-C-H-I-C-A-G-O)


The opening scene finds our intrepid cast in the Green Lounge. Joe wistfully peers in through the windows marveling at the brilliant thoughts they must be thinking. Alas, he cannot hear what they are saying, or he might be somewhat less impressed. As they contemplate another year at the Law School, the cast sings an ode to the school to the tune of the title song from Oklahoma:


U-Chicago where the wind comes whipping off the lake
With Dick Epstein, and Cass Sunstein
All the law and econ we can take

U-Chicago every night my powerbook and I
Slave away in dread, forget the bed
Oh Law School makes us want to cry

We've bargained around our ideals
For a clerkship, the Court of Appeals

And when we say……hey!
We can't go on this way!
We're only saying we've had enough U Chicago,
U Chicago, U-C-H-I-C-A-G-O
U Chica-----go!

(Written by J Clegg Ivey '97, Roger Schwartz '96 and Edward Walters '96.)

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