Return of the JD


In 1984-85, the second annual musical was called The Return of the J.D. It was a science fiction story of three U of C law students transported into a future where the law has been abolished, in favor of all decisions being made exclusively on economic/business factors. A group of rebels have taken on the mission of bringing back the law, and they enlist the U of C law students to help them. The rebels explain that the law students will have to explain the law in terms of economics, because no one in the future will be able to understand anything else, to which the law students proclaim in unison: “Thank God for Epstein.” At that moment, the rebels’ prophet falls down on his knees, proclaiming that the prophecy told them three wise people would come to show them the way, “And we shall know them by the very strange words, ‘Thank God for Epstein.’” The law students then have to explain to people who have no experience of the law, exactly what it means.

What is This Thing Called Law?

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Thanks to Maureen Kane Berg for providing this information.