Katz (Only Pretty Girls Get Callbacks)


The following, also from Katz is a satiric take on sex discrimination in interviewing. It was performed in “girl group” style by four female students.

“Only Pretty Girls Get Callbacks”

How many nights have you sat home, alone?
Waiting for a message on the telephone?
You met him once and now you wonder when
He’ll call and say he wants to see you again

Only pretty girls get callbacks
Come on girls, face up to the hard facts
Boys here want a fresh face to talk to
Brighten up the hall when she walks through
If you can’t figure out why you got the axe
(It’s ‘cause) Only pretty girls get callbacks.

Maxine found that tax was taxing
But she made him feel like relaxing
You should see the grades of Sara
They’re just fair, but she’s much fairer
There’s not much substance to Rita
But she knows the right proceduh’
You should see Sue’s new hairdo
She’s law review, and that’s okay too (oo oo)

Take our advice why don’t you primp a bit
And buy a suit with an alluring fit
If you still find you’re missing all the fun
Then lose some weight and maybe get your nose redone!

Repeat Chorus

(Written by Maureen Kane Berg '87 and Tom Berg '87.)

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Thanks to Maureen Kane Berg for providing this information.